The Idea

ideaSo I got this idea that I should start a podcast. I think it might help some folks out, and I may even just learn a thing or seven along the way. Here’s a few of the details behind how and why.


I travel extensively for my day job as a mobile mapper. Since I’m in a car for multiple hours every day, I’ve started listening to a large selection of podcasts. Both the breadth of my podcast titles and the fact that I get to travel more than most folks started to feel like an underutilized resource to me.

I’ve found the quality and depth of podcasts to vary pretty widely, and while some frustrate me, others make me downright jubilant. The best of them (imho) seem to have a common thread – they help folks with their content.

Comic books (and the stores that distribute them), game shops, and used book stores have always been places that I love. I will often spend many hours exploring them when I’m traveling, and I want to see them not just survive, but to thrive.

The Idea

Like so many before me, I listened to the end result of other peoples’ hard work and passion and thought: “I could do that!” I also realized that’s only barely a beginning.

I want to create a podcast which will help the comic book store / game shop / used book store owners to grow their business.

There is so much that these fine folks have to do battle with in the age of big chain stores and internet businesses that I thought it might help for them to share the things that work for them and the efforts which, frankly, fall flat. It might be reasonably effective to do that via podcasts interviews and blog posts.

I did some searching, and I couldn’t find anything of the kind. (Please feel free to commend below with the name(s) of any such resources that you know of!)

The Details

I’m still working out the details, but here’s what I’ve got so far:


I’m doing research on equipment. The trick for me is portability. Because I travel so much, I live quite a minimalist lifestyle and I only keep/carry two bags. Any podcasting equipment has to fit within those existing two bags. This should be fairly doable. There are some decent quality mics that can be used with phones as recording devices, but I haven’t bought anything yet, and I will absolutely do some testing before the first ‘official’ podcast. Stay tuned if you would like to help me decide which mics to use.


I want to keep it pretty brief. Episodes will be in the neighborhood of 15-20 minutes each. There are a lot of long format podcasts out there, and I even prefer that for some types of podcasts, but when the focus is on how to improve something, I like it clean and simple. The ideas tend to stay with me longer – get embedded in my grey meat faster. Second only to quality is going


My focus will be on brief, but efficient (resource and information packed) interviews. I plan to focus on creating a process to get the most out of these for the sake of the interviewee, the audience, and myself. As a benefit to those who agree to be interviewed, I’ll be posting 1. the interview in audio format, 2. the show notes/links, and 3. an additional post for any questions we didn’t cover in the podcast itself.


  1. The primary focus will be to help the ‘Mom and Pop shop’ store owners of comic book stores, game shops, and used book stores through dissemination of tools, information, and functional processes/services that could improve their business. The goal being to give something back to the places that have given me so much over the years.
  2. To learn. I want to learn about the podcasting process. What works when putting a podcast together and what doesn’t? How do you best help your audience?
  3. To have fun! I’m looking forward to meeting interesting new folks along the way and finding out what makes them tick. I am exceedingly fortunate to be able to do something like this, and that isn’t lost on me.


I can’t say if/when this will ever happen, but for now, there won’t be any. My priorities aren’t to make money. I have a job for that.

What do you think?

I would seriously love to get some feedback on this. Have some thoughts on the idea or know of a great portable mic? Please feel free to leave a comment below. I will read every one, and (likely) reply to each.

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